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How It Works

The process is simple, and we take every precaution to minimize direct contact to keep both our customers and volunteers safe. 

Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out the “Request a Delivery” form.

  2. You will be contacted via phone by us, so we can confirm your order.

  3. We choose a grocery store that is closest to your address in order to minimize the distance the volunteer has to walk.

  4. Your order will be completed by a volunteer, and to take extra safety precautions, the teen volunteer will either leave the bag with your doorman or leave the bag on the doorstep and ring the bell to let you know it has arrived! 


Payment method:

  • After receiving your order, NYC Quaranteens will compute and send you an estimated total of your selected items.

  • Before our teens start shopping for your items, you will be required to submit payment for the estimated total. We will send an invoice via email.

  • Our teen volunteers will be paid by us via Venmo/PayPal before going to the store and will take a picture of the final receipt of items purchased.

  • You will receive the final receipt from us and refunded any money owed, if any.



Safety Guidelines

It is impossible to ensure complete safety as COVID-19 can be dormant in some individuals, however, we do take the necessary safety precautions to reduce the chances of any possible transference. 

All volunteers:

  1. Have not shown symptoms of COVID-19 and are healthy

  2. Have been social distancing

  3. Have not left the country in two weeks

  4. Have not come into contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 or anyone who has shown symptoms

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